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Commercial Customers

These are just several commercial customers we provide services to. We have many more important clients in the commercial world. Homeowners, don't be discouraged, we also work on residential properties! We don't discriminate, you are just as important!

Commercial Clients

Commercial Client

Commercial Client

Commercial Reviews

Commercial Client

Commercial Client

Commercial Client

Commercial Client

Commercial Client

Commercial Client


Great services, Eric is a blessing 

Racheal Levin

Eric Comstock and the staff at Comstock Plumbing have always been both prompt and professional.  They are available all through the week to take care of our many different requests in property management.  Whether they are replacing a toilet or re-piping a whole house, you can count on this team to get the job done fast and for a reasonable amount.  I always recommend Comstock Plumbing to my friends and family.


Eric has been our companies plumber for many years now. He's never on time, but he ALWAYS gets the job done right quickly. He's efficient, knowledgeable & reliable. He shows up every time & gets it done fast, no matter what the task. 


Thomas LaFlamme

Mike Riley

Eric is the BEST plumber & ac/heating tech I've ever hired! Whenever we call him, we can count on him to come no matter how late it is, no matter how many jobs were before us, no matter the task. Eric is more than fair on his invoices, he's just the BEST! If you haven't hired him for a job yet, you are missing out on nothing but top quality work and affordable prices! I can't imagine anyone regreting hiring CCP.

CCP & I did not start off on the right foot when I hired Eric on the first job, due to my ignorance.

But I'm so glad we got through it cause Eric is my go-to guy! Eric knows what the hell he's doing at all times! Very good at what he does, the BEST! No matter whats going on in his schedule, he always comes out for me, even if its midnight. Always treating me like what I have going on is important, probably cause what he does for a living is important to him & you can see it in his work. Eric is passionate about his carreer. 

Comstock Commercial Plumbing is the only plumber & ac tech I use. I recommend them to all of my friends & family. Thank you Eric & the rest of the staff at CCP!

William Bennet

Eric saved my job from falling apart, if it weren't for him I would have never been able to keep that house, and give it to my daughter for her wedding gift! Thanks to

Eric we got it done for her for very little. 

Jessica Bradford

Eric is the absolute best, I tell all my family. friends & colleges about him & his amazing work & equally amazing prices! THANK YOU COMSTOCK PLUMBING! 

Comstock Commercial Plumbing has been my plumber for many years, our family relies on Eric Comstock. We trust him to get the job done right every time. I recommend this awesome company to my friends & family every time.                                    Sherrie N

CCP is always going to be our heating tech & plumber for all of our properties and most importantly our own home. When CCP was Mike Milburn Plumbing & Heating we became a regular customer of Mikes. Then Eric Comstock took over & I couldn't ask for a more experienced, knowledgeable, well-mannered individual to take Mike's place, RIP Mike Milburn.  Thank you, Eric & staff, at CCP!

Robert K

CCP is the best by far!                                   Ryan M


Carrie Bowman

Dillon Freeny

Sarah V & Staff

Residential Customers

Residential customers helped us become who we are today, so helping you homeowners, tenants and families out there is an honor. Saying thank you still isn't enough to show our appreciation here at CCP. For what its worth, thank you!


Never have had any problems w/ CCP so far. Always great work, work is done fast, & prices are the best around. Trust me I know. I've hired a lot of plumbers in the past, not anymore. Not ever since I called CCP. I hope this doesn't change in the future.

Jason G

Eric is the best plumber I've ever come across. CCP is also the most affordable plumbing company I've ever encountered. So affordable in fact, I make sure to tip him everytime I have him do work at my home or on some of my other properties. Eric is more than fair to myself whenever I get an invoice from Chandra, in the office. Who is a doll. Too bad shes not available! ha Keep up the good work guys, and THANK YOU ERIC & CHANDRA!

Micheal T

Comstock Commercial Plumbing makes us feel like family. Eric treats us like we are important, whenever we call him, hes on it! We will never call any other plumber or HVAC tech. Eric is very good at what he does, his customer service is a little rough around the edges, but once you get to know him, you'll see how laid back and knowledgeable he is. His partner Chandra is the one with the customer service skills, she always very kind and understanding. Always trying ti keep us happy.

Julie R

CCP has the best prices by far! I barely ever see Eric because he's in & out so quickly, & every time my issue goes away! When I get the invoices, I always think maybe they made a mistake because the invoice balance is so little. I LOVE LOVE LOVE COMSTOCK COMMERCIAL PLUMBING!

Sharron Beumont

Comstock Commercial Plumbing


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