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Clears buildup, grease, roots & MORE!


CCP is using high-pressure water jetting for your sewer, drains & sometimes surface cleaning. For example ac units. Hydro jetting is used in commercial plumbing a lot, but it can be extremely beneficial to homeowners, or residential plumbing as well. Not only will it save you $ on service calls, but will eliminate all the build-up, debris, rust, ect & maximize the diameter of your pipes again, for easy flow. Roots in your pipes? Not a problem! Hydro jetting removes all the roots in your drains, stopping clogging and back-ups. We also warranty our work for several years depending on your situations.

*removes all debris, rust build-up, hair, slime

*removes grease

*removes roots

*saves you $ on plumbing service calls

*stopps cloggs & stoppages

*maximises you pipes back to original size

*causes easy flow or draining

*pipes stay clogg free 5 years +

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Hydro Jetting on camera

Hydro Jetting services on camera. Maybe this will help you decide if you need this type of service for your home or place of business. A sewer camera is almost always done before and or after you hydro jet any drains, not only to locate the issue, but to find out what's causing the issue & the severity of the issue. It could be several things wrong, for example, grease build ups, rust or limestone build ups, roots and more!

Inside the pipe while and after the jetting

This is a perfect view so we all can see what it looks like while hydro jetting a line and the effects of the amazing service.

Grease build up

Anyone can see how effective hydro jetting is for grease build ups, rust build ups, limestone build ups & more!

Roots are definitely a problem!

As you can see, the roots in this drain were way out of control! Hydro Jetting would have been the only way to remove the roots without digging up the pipes and replacing them, saving you lots of money with most plumbing companies.

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