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Asked by our customers over the years

Can hydro jetting be used & effective for residential applications?


  • YES! Hydro jetting is used for commercial a lot, but this procedure is effective to both commercial & residential applications.

What is hydro jetting? Is hydro jetting something I should consider?

  • Hydro jetting is using high pressurized water to clean your pipes. Hydro jetting takes all roots, grease, debris, scale build-up, rust, even concrete off the sides of the pipes. This expands the diameter of the pipe back to its original size, like brand new pipes! 

  • If you are having a plumber snake out a drain inside your home once or more every year it's time to consider calling CCP to inspect your drains with our trusty sewer camera, that way we know why, where & what is clogging your drains in your place of business or home.

Does Comstock Commercial Plumbing also help residential customers? Which services do you provide?

  • CCP has residential & commercial customers all over Long Beach and surrounding cities

  • CCP provides plumbing, HVAC & hydro jetting services to all of our customers

Are estimates free? Do you guys take emergency calls?


  • We are open 24/7 to accept any emergency calls at any time, just call our office line where someone will always answer your calls, 562-424-5677

How much to snake my toilet, shower, kitchen sink, lavatory?

  • Snaking a drain would be considered a service call & would cost only $80

Define a service call?

  • A service call usually requires no materials, just quick service in your place of business or home. For example, cleaning your kitchen sink or lavatory aerator, snaking a drain, un-jam garbage disposal, adjust ball cock in your toilet, ect..

Is CCP licensed, insured & bonded?

  • YES, YES & YES! License# 344405, insured by Next Business Insurance full coverage

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